Thursday, February 3, 2011

musing is being taken over

For the next few blogs I am going to redirect my blog to something more important than the mere musings in my head.  I am going to be posting updates and messages from my friend in Egypt.  This information needs to be spread.

Message 1.  The day the internet came back.  February 2nd, 2011
I'm fine, we just got the internet back, they cut us off from the world last Friday hoping to kill the whole movement..fuckers!!
I've seen sooo many things that I'd never thought I'd see in my life, it's been really scary but amazing at the same time, the whole system was corrupted beyond belief to the point that the entire police force withdrew from the whole country right after they released all the criminals from prisons to scare people! I've been standing guard in the street with the people in the neighborhood every night and protesting in the morning. Criminals were attacking houses, looting and killing but people here were awesome, arming and organizing them selves and making checkpoints every where, there's so much to tell, every day since Tuesday was like a week of events! I'll try to be on Skype Saturday if they keep the internet running!

Love you! Big hug!"

Message 2.  February 2nd, 2011

"I feel so helpless Mel..women and children and unarmed men are being beaten to death and I can't get in to help, I was almost stoned trying to get in today, first aid was banned from being delivered to anyone in there, it's really horrible. Trust is a huge issue now and I don't know where this is going, the president has lost his mind.
I don't want to worry you but I don't think the media is explaining the scale of this event, they sealed of the square and let armed criminals and police officers in regular clothes in today to finish off the people in there! Please spread  the word, in case the internet goes down again, I'll keep you posted all the time, we are still fine all of us, together, mom dad and me are together in cairo and my sis and her husband are ok too.
Love you"

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  1. Wow, that sounds a whole hell of a lot worse than what the media has been reporting. Let your friend know that her/his voice is being heard.